Catalan Bay Village - Beach

09 June, 2019


(known as 'LA CALETA' in Spanish)


Catalan Bay is a small village in Gibraltar.  It is in the Eastern side of the Rock.  


A group of about 350 Catalan's (Catalonia) Military Soildiers beleived to have settled here after having assisted in the Anglo-Dutch Forces who captured Gibraltar during the War in 1704.


The residents in Catalan Bay were Genoese.


During the 19th Century only the fishermen were permited to live in Catalan Bay.  It was an order.


The families living in Catalan Bay Village now are mainly descendants of the Genoese living there before.  


The Caleta Hotel is also based there in the village, also the church of Our Lady of Sorrows.  


Catalan Bay Beach


It is a beautiful unique little beach!


Spend a day in Gibraltar, loads of things to do.  Start your day with:

An early Rock tour

Main Street (shopping)


Spend the rest of your day in Catalan Bay Beach

Catalan Bay




A beautiful destination, for you to visit!