Cradle of History Monument

06 June, 2019

Gibraltar - Cradle of History


Either driving or walking throught the runway, you can see this monument.


Gibraltar is one of the longest inhabited places in Europe with Neanderthal ramains found in some locations of Gibraltar.


A skull was found in 1845 by a Military Officer, Edmund Flint.  It was found on the north face of the Rock, somewhere around Forbes Quarry.  The skull was taken to London, and is now in the Natural History Museum.  Gibraltar Museum has a replica of it.  It was the first skull to be found.  Gibraltar's Neanderthal History is Internationally recognised.  The skull is estimated to be 100,000 years old.


In the 20th century, another skull was found.  It was a four year old girl and discovered by a woman, Dorothy Garrod.  The first female professor at both Cambridge and Oxford University.  The skull is 30/50,000 years old.


Excavations still continue by sea caves in the south-eastern side of Gibraltar.  Specifically the Vanguard and Goram's Cave.


If you are visiting the Gibraltar by land via the Frontier/border your tour guide will show you this monument at the very end of the runway.  If you are coming in a cruise ship you will be able to book one of our tour packages and our tour guide can take you to visit this monument.