Gibraltar War Memorial

23 June, 2019

Gibraltar War Memorial


It is a First World War Memorial monument located on Line Wall Road in the British Territory of Gibraltar.  Also know as British War Memorial.


It was sculptured by Jose Piquet Catoil of Spain and unveiled in 1923.  It is dedicated to the dead from the World War I.


The inscription reads:

'To the Memory of all Officers and Seamen of the Gibraltar Straits Patrol Who Gave Their Lives for Their King and Empire in the Great War'


The monument is positioned on an esplanade and steps, west of the City Hall and John Mackintosh Squaare.


There are several tablets inscribed.


Next to the monument are two Russian Guns that were captured during the Crimean War (1854 - 1856)

The other two Russian Guns are located at the entrance to the Gibraltar Botanical Gardens. (Alameda Gardens).


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