Landport Tunnel & Gate

15 June, 2019

Landport Tunnel & Gate


The Landport is a Gate into the territory of Gibraltar.  It was the only way into Gibraltar other than by sea.  Landport was rebuilt in 1729.  After being the scene of bitter fighting in thirteen sieges.  There was also a moat covering the Northern approach. (The Landport Ditch)





The ditch's defences included a palisade and a gunpowder mine which could be exploded beneath an assault.  To cross these defences there was a drawbrisge which pulled up at night.



For years it was the most important Gate in town!


Puerta de Tierra, Puerta de Villa Vieja, Puerta de Espana, the Land Gate, Landport Gate or Landport Tunnel are the names people used to call it.


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Gibraltar has many tunnel's and sites to visit which you will love!