Gibraltar City Center (shopping area)

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After seeing all the tourist sites in our Gibraltar Rock Tours why not take a dip into the cosmopolitan town centre for a spot of shopping. The Main Street is a central hive for all sorts of products from electronics to perfumes, games to sunglasses, clothing to memorabilia.

It all starts from Casemates Square, where the Muslim ruins are encircled by a number of fancy restaurants and bars. Here you can bathe in the sun as you watch the everyday life of our community pass you by, while sipping at a coffee or gin and tonic. If you are feeling peckish there are a host of different options available in this square with even more options down Main Street or nearby.

Fancy a quiter environment? Why not head down to Chatham Counterguard on your private tours in Gibraltar. This area of bars and restaurants will get you the possibility of trying some delicious fish food, a variety of wines or even or a cocktail or two in a charming environment.

Adjoining to this square beneath the fortifications is Irish Town, which like Main Street is pedestrianised for safe and easy access. More restaurants, bars and cafes line this narrow street giving a plethora of choices on how to spend your afternoon in the sun. For another perspective, look upwards for a curious peak of Gibraltar’s multicultural roots where Venetian blinds collude with British colonial structures.

There are plenty of more sites to see on your semi-private tours in Gibraltar too. Check out the Convent where the Governor resides, guarded by soldiers of the Gibraltar Regiment, or the national museum, jam-packed with entertaining exhibits that give a unique perspective of the Rock through the ages. Here you will find out more about the Gibraltar in Prehistory or our time under the Phoenicians and Romans right up to the present day. And if you fancy getting away from it all for more eating and drinking options Ocean Village is a tranquil location overlooking the luxurious marina.

There are so many things to do in Gibraltar that you will never get bored, with the leisure centre even having its own ice rink and bowling alley. This combination of Gibraltar attractions will ensure you get the most out of your day and whether it is shopping, learning or just relaxing, you will always feel at home.

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